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How To Get A Free Domain

Hello Friends, I am here to tell you that how we can get a free domain name for our website. so just keep reading i will tell you with some screenshots that how to get a free domain.

Step 1 :- Go To the website Freenom.

Yes, this is the first step. If you want to get a free domain you need to go to

how to get a free domain

Step 2 :- Search Domain Name 

Next step you need to do is search your domain name. You can search the domain name on the search bar present on the homepage of the website.

how to get a free domain

After Write the domain in the search section click on the “Check Availablity” to search.

Step 3 :- Select Any Free Domain you want 

You can select any domain you want. There are a lot of extensions which all are free of cost. Some of them are .tk , .ga , .ml , .cf , .gq etc. You can select multiple domains also they all are free of cost.

how to get free domain

For selecting the domain you need to click on “Get It Now” button.

Step 3 :- Go To Checkout

After selecting the domains you need to Go On checkout. you can go to the checkout by clicking on the checkout button above.

Step 4 :- Select the period of the Domain

After going to checkout select the period you want for the domain. You can use the domain for 12 months absolutely free. how to get free domain

After selecting the period of the domain, click on the continue button.

Step 5 :- Create your account on Freenom

After checkout you need to create a account on freenom or you can login with your Google Account or Facebook account. After login you can see that the domain registration is succesfully done without any cost.

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